No Bad Days- A Fisher Brothers Novel

"What new adult was always meant to be. Sterling goes back to her roots for this one."

"If you loved The Perfect Game, you will devour No Bad Days! It shouldn't be missed!"

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'm the hottest guy at State. It's not cocky when it's the truth. Girls want to date me. Guys want to be me. Cliche, I know, but welcome to my life. 

There's more to me than what they all see though. Isn't that usually the case? No one knows the reality of my life. They think they do, but they have no idea. I hide it well. I have to or it will break me. 

Jess Michaelson is gorgeous, ambitious and totally wants me. She doesn't hide it well. Honestly, I'm not sure she even tries. Jess thinks I'll give up pursuing her... but I won't. She thinks this is just some game I'm playing at... but it's not. 

Jess belongs with me and I'm going to make sure she knows it.