How did you start writing?
I've had the story for In Dreams in my head for over 10 years (since I first had a dream about it). I basically got to a point where I literally could.not.stop. thinking about this book. The nagging inside my mind was relentless. So I bought a laptop and immediately started writing the opening chapter with the dream in it. Then I went to visit my gf in New Jersey, and I wrote a bunch of ideas on the plane. And when I got back from seeing her, I started seriously writing and didn't stop until the story was done. Once I started, the characters and the story I wanted to tell wouldn't leave my head. I was consumed with them and I could barely think of anything else. It took me 2 months to write a complete first version (which has since grown and changed, updated, edited, etc about a billion times).

And here we are.  :)

What is your writing process like?
I think that I write completely chaotically. At least my writing style seems crazy to me. When I sit down to write a story, there are very specific scenes in my head that I usually can't stop thinking about. I tend to write those first. And they're all out of order. I think it's because they're the most emotionally charged scenes and personally, I think they're the most exciting ones!! So I write all of those, and then other scenes emerge from them. And in all honesty, I don't always know exactly how i'm going to connect the story together, or how i'm going to get them to work. I'm not always sure where i'm going either. Sometimes I think we're headed one direction, but then I write it and that direction doesn't work anymore. So it has to change. See? Chaos. :)

Who designs your book covers, they're gorgeous?
Thank you! I think they're beautiful too!!! :) Most of the time, I personally take all the photographs that we use in the cover. But I have a graphic designer (http://www.facebook.com/IndieBookCovers) who does all the hard work and turns my measly initial picture into a literal work of art. My covers would be nowhere near as eye-catching and pretty without her. She is incredibly talented and I highly recommend her services.

Do you have an editor? Will they edit my book?
I do have an editor. She pushes me, challenges me- and makes me a better writer. My simplest advice to you would be to find out who edited the Indie/Self Published books that you've enjoyed reading and see if they are taking on clients. There is a wealth of editors now who have facebook fan pages- ask around! :)

Will there be a follow up to "this book" or "that book".. please say yes!
I don't always write my books with the intention of writing another one. But sometimes, it happens (the perfect game is the perfect example of that). I always let you know what i'm working on. If a follow up is in the works, I post it here on my blog and on my Facebook page and via my newsletter! Or you can always email me and ask, but I get lots of those and sometimes it takes me awhile to get through them all.   

I want to write a book! or I've written a book! How do I do it? How do I self publish? How do I sell books? How do you sell books?
I've written a fairly extensive blog post on everything I know up to this point about self publishing. It should answer a lot of your questions. If you have more, there is such a wealth of information online about all things self publishing, you just have to search for it. That's what I did. I google'd and yahoo'ed my eyeballs out and read everything I could on how to do it, what was the best choice for me, etc.

I also wrote a series of blog posts here- just click on them to read:
So you want to write a book?
So you want to write a book, part 2?
So you want to write a book, part 3?
Good luck! You can do it... you just have to start.  :)

You write a lot about love triangles... has that happened to you before, or have you been in that situation?
LOL, I do huh? I definitely have themes and a style in my head that my books tend to follow. I haven't been in anything quite as dramatic as Caroline (thank the goddess), but now that I think about it... I guess there was this one instance when I had to make a decision between 2 guys. It was awful and hurtful and hard- all self imposed of course, because I didn't want to hurt anyone. But sometimes you have to hurt other people in order to stay true to your heart. If you're always making everyone else happy, you'll never truly be.

What's up with all the "insta-connections" and "love at first sight" stuff in your books?
Listen, I realize that there is some sort of huge backlash against instant connections in books right now. And all I have to say about that is-  anyone who hates on the notion that you could have a physical, spiritual, or emotional connection with someone the moment you meet them, has clearly never experienced it. Because if they had, they wouldn't complain about it. I think that people tend to "hate" on the things they can't relate too. Or they label them as "impossible" or say things like "this would NEVER happen in real life."  I've had it happen. It's rare and it's special.  But it does exist. So don't think that connections between two people are something authors just write about to sound romantic. We write about them because they're real.  <3

Can I get a signed paperback of one of your books?
Currently I am accepting orders on my website that can be paid via PayPal. Sometimes it takes me a while to get through them and send them out, so I appreciate your patience. Make sure you check my APPEARANCE section for my book signing schedule. I always have paperback copies of my books for sale at those events AND we get to meet eachother!  Win win!  :)

Will you be in my state for a signing?
Any and all book signings that I am planning on attending will be posted on my APPEARANCES page. I can't go to all the book signings that are planned- there are too many to attend them all, and I try to plan around my son's schedule. Missing his high school baseball games is really hard on me.  I hope you understand.   :)

I saw your books on file sharing sites. What's that all about?
In short, a file sharing site is much like what Napster originally was to music back in the day. It's stealing. And anyone who says it isn't, is kidding themselves. I truly understand that some of those sites expose people to books they would have never read before. But most of those people would also never purchase said books, or recommend people to purchase them. How can I make a living as a writer, if no one actually BUYS my books?

I can't. That's how.

When you go to a site like that and you download my book without paying for it, you are stealing from me. The worst part is, if you had sent me an email and simply asked me for a copy of my book, i'd most likely have sent you one. It's the fact that you've taken the CHOICE out of my hands. You've taken something that i've created and handed it out to anyone who wants it without asking me. 

I'd like to have a choice in who gets my books for free or not.

I don't think that's unreasonable.  But then again, what the hell do I know.  :)

Please don't download music, books, or movies without paying for them. It is stealing. You might not see it that way because it doesn't affect you, or anyone you know. If you had any idea how the creative process worked for those businesses (and how much work goes into them, or how many people work on them, and how hard) you wouldn't take from them... you'd happily give them your support. The entertainment industry freaking rules. Let's keep it that way. :)