October 16, 2017

Drake's on sale

Okay fine, Drake isn't REALLY on sale. I mean, I don't own him, so how can I put him on sale? I wish I owned him. lol

This Drake obsession is real y'all.  So you all know that I love me some Drake. But did you know that I wrote a whole book on said love?

Seeing Stars is my Drake inspired romance. And right now it's only .99 for a limited time!  Who is your celebrity crush?  Who would you write romance books about?  :)  <3

AMAZON:  Click here to buy Seeing Stars

October 11, 2017

Now FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Guy Hater is now part of the exclusive Amazon family!  If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read all about Frank & Claudia for *FREE*  And if you're an amazon/kindle user, you can of course download Guy Hater to your kindle device like normal.  

The reviews so far are amazing and I'm blown away by all the love.  If you haven't met Frank yet, I hope you will soon. I know you're going to love this sexy Fisher brother. <3